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Birkdale Compact 50/12

The Compact has a Full Box as standard, with a smaller 50mm x 12mm profile allowing it to fit into only 205mm of headroom. We use a high-density resin infill for this profile to provide greater strength. Perfect for openings up to 3000mm wide.

Birkdale Midi 55/15

The Midi system offers a 55mm x 14mm profile that allows it to fit into 250mm headroom. This produces similar strength to the excelsior 78 at a reduced cost. Perfect for openings up to 3500mm wide

Birkdale Maxi 78/20

The Maxi  opens vertically so you can park your car close to the door and the Excelsior still opens without having to reverse. Ideal for short driveways. Our premium roller door provides great strength and security; perfect for large openings.

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