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If you want to keep your home as warm and energy efficient as possible, our glass has high performance low-emission double glazed units. This energy efficient glass retains heat and keeps your heating bills down. Our sealed units include Argon Gas, which keeps even more heat in.

If you are looking for something that is low in maintenance then the  self cleaning window may be for you. It has a special outer coating that reacts with sunlight to break down the dirt. It then spreads rainwater out across the pane, washing dirt away. It also doesn’t streak.

If saving energy and money are your main priorities, Then you may want to consider Triple Glazing this can improve your home’s energy efficiency by a staggering 35% compared to normal double glazing options.

For more  information on our glazing options , please either call us or drop into our show room and we will be haapy to provide any type of advice.

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